My Options My Way



Thousands have taken those free tutorials on buying puts and calls, offered by every options broker, but if you’ve done the tutorial and been frustrated by the results, you know there just has to be more to it.

Options just aren’t that complicated. In fact, people making deals have used these same strategies for generations. Developers use them to tie up the land before they build an office building, and the ancient Romans used these very same strategies.

A little extra understanding, some practice and the right information make the difference make the difference between the very few perennial winners, and the frustrated 98%.

We know the prices of speculative calls and defensive puts are now being bid up to the sky by rookie traders who don’t know any better. These present easy pickings for the pros, or anyone who knows what they are doing. Our no student left behind policy means you have access after the class to an experienced instructor who will answer your questions and make sure you can use and profit from what you learn.

  • Collect rent on your stocks by selling those high priced options to the rookie speculators.
  • Get much lower prices on the stocks you want to buy by taking advantage of the rookies after they bid up the prices of those protective put options.
  • Risk/reward is everything to the experienced investor. Learn to use the simple analytical tools that help the pros know when a long term option or LEAP is likely to improve your winning percentage, and your odds of profiting
  • More important, find out when the power of LEAP options makes the investment more risky and should be avoided.
  • How to tell when option prices are bargains and when they become prohibitively expensive.
  • As the stock market continues trending upward, identify the strong points, and learn to easily tell whether they make good options trades.
  • Take advantage of the rising rates on the long dated Treasuries and learn how the pros use options on Treasury futures to protect their bond portfolios and simply profit as the Fed adjusts their QE policies.
  • Much, much more.. plus a complete question and answer session. Dan’s training leaves no student behind.