John Crocker

The Teacher

John Crocker’s first money management job was to manage his own money. He learned hard lessons on that first go-around, twice losing half the value of his investment portfolio in bear markets. John picked himself up and set out to learn how millionaires and billionaires invest and keep their assets in the family, regardless of which way the markets move.

Watching financial news shows, taking classes at his online brokerage and local trading school and earning Executive MBAs in International Business and Finance taught him a lot, but didn’t help John make money in the markets.

Then it hit him. If you know what everyone else knows, you know nothing.

John began studying millionaires and billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Jim Rogers, John Najarian and Daniel Frishberg to name a few. Feeling so blessed having received the gift of creating true financial freedom, John set out to share his gift with the world as a host on The MoneyMan Report radio show and contributor at

Although John is the owner and managing member of Crocker Capital, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor, his radio reporting is centered on journalism and information on the economy and the markets, not on dispensing individual investment advice, which requires knowledge of each individual’s personal situation.

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