How To Make Much More Money

                                                     With Much Less Risk

An Online Options Class

Thursday, March 19

7:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern


7:00 - 9:00 PM Central

Only $297

Getting leverage by borrowing money is very common.


We all understand it. We all know how to do it.


The difference in what I’m showing you is these options enjoy all the benefits of traditional leverage, but with limited downside risk and no borrowing costs.


The beautiful part is, there’s nothing to pay back if the trade goes against you. No interest to pay to gain access to only putting about 10% down to do this trade. The option was very cheap. If it goes down, the most you can ever lose is the money you put in. You have unlimited upside and very limited downside.


What is it worth to you to learn how to make almost 102 times your money?


You’d probably pay almost anything.


You’d think we were giving the class away at only $10,000.


We’re also sharing with you:


  • Exactly when options are useful and when they’re not useful.

  • How to know exactly which option to buy.

  • How to choose the best expiration date.

  • What you have to know to use options effectively, and

  • The reasons successful investors choose a particular asset as an investment in the first place.


What’s all this insight worth to you?


You’d think you were stealing it from us at $20,000, but our online option class is nowhere near that amount.


One two-hour online options training session, ‘How to Make Much More Money With Much Less Risk’ isn’t 20,000.


It isn’t 10,000.


It isn’t 5,000.


Or even $1,000.

Out two-hour, online training session, ‘How to Make Much More Money With Much Less Risk’ is ONLY $297.


The presentation software maxes out at 50 people, and given this dirt low price, the spots will fill up in no time, so save your spot right now by completing the form on this page.


Just for total transparency, I do have a sneaky ulterior motive for offering this class to you at the deal of the century. I know that if you attend our online class that you’ll love it, because everybody does, and you’ll want even more insight from the MoneyMan Report team.


Set yourself up to be you family’s hero and make all your friends jealous with your cool new toys by completing the form on this page to save your spot right now.


I’m John Crocker from the MoneyMan Report. Thank you for watching.

Complete the form now and I’ll see you on the inside.

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