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Look like an expert right from the start. Reach & Grow your audience

Have you ever noticed how some people have skyrocketed in their careers? Ted-Talks, TV shows, magazine spreads. It’s as though they are in an elite club that nobody else knows how to get into. People lined up just to get a small piece of them and their products or their programs.

They have figured out how to get the big opportunities that allow them to reach tens of thousands or even millions of people with their message. And deep down there is a part of you that really wants this too.

How are they creating these opportunities? Is it luck, or is it talent?

Actually, both are important, but there’s much more to it than that. They have learned to crack the media code. They’ve mastered the biggest change in communication since the invention of the printing press 500 years ago, the convergence of mainstream media – radio and TV – with the Internet.

It’s 50x as easy as you think it is because so few people know how to do it  

People with bags of money and/or influence are looking for famous people to invest in

Without a story of who you are and what your business is you have no real chance at growth.


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Meet Our Team

Dan Frishberg

Dan Frishberg

The MoneyMan

Daniel Frishberg is a trusted adviser to many of the most famous and respected investors of our time, many of whom have publicly credited him with providing indispensable strategic help in managing a very difficult market environment.

Elisea Frishberg

Elisea Frishberg

The Bond Queen

Elisea Frishberg spent more than two decades as producer and then executive producer of a major financial network, and serving as media mentor to many of the most popular and visible gurus and commentators in mainstream media.

Our Channels & Strategies


Before there was television, before billboards adorned the highway skylines of America, people from Maine to Southern California tuned into the radio and got to know the voice, the intimate thoughts and the value      propositions of local business providers. Though forgotten by many, radio remains the most intimate and impactful marketing demographic for local businesses and long term brand recognition and consistency of message delivery.

Physical vs. Digital Product Differentiation

There are only two types of products existent in today’s marketplace. Physical goods and services which the customer experiences in person and digital products and services which the customer digests in the comfort of their own home. The overwhelming majority of businesses focuses on one or the other, without realizing that having one lends itself to having the other. We help you bridge this gap and in many cases, add a secondary revenue stream with no effort on your part.


The majority of us have grown up in a world where television ruled, and in many respects, it still does. Television has been ingrained in our minds as the ultimate authority for verifying trust and celebrity. Not being on television is the primary road block to gaining the sort of credibility that is mandatory in order to expand your business and personal brand across the nation and ultimately, the world.

Low Cost Lead Generation + Maximum Revenue Optimization

Our fusion of traditional and new media allows us the flexibility to leverage multiple channels in identifying, attracting, and securing low cost leads across all markets and niches. Our expertise in direct and indirect sales, combined with the psychographic data afforded by our proprietary technological and analytic methods allows us to test every aspect of the sales process. Through this process we use a process of elimination to come up with a data driven model which identifies your perfect products, perfect sales process, and ultimately, perfect results.

World Wide Web

Though it has become a part of all of our lives, the internet is still in its relative infancy. The great thing about the internet is the low cost of barriers to entry. The bad thing is that any fool with an internet connection can claim to be a guru, an expert, or a subject matter authority. Our quarter century of combined experience with monetizing this still relatively new medium allows us to extract its most valuable and credible aspects and fuse it with more traditional mediums for the ultimate mix.

New Media Film

Sorry, we will not put you in a movie theater. However, we have perfected the process of using viral social media video sharing to bring massive attention to our clients and their personal and professional brands. In tandem with traditional television, radio and web presence this allows for a fusion of concepts that is best expressed through the visual medium and allows our clients to grow in recognition from a talking head to a household name.

Print Media

Though it is far more costly than the internet, print media still lends a profound level of credibility and acts as a bridge to subscription revenues widely available, but rarely utilized by most businesses and subject matter authorities.

Book Publishing

In today’s world, a published book is the new business card. Without a story of who you are and what your business is you have no real chance at growth. Our experts have over thirty years of experience in both the traditional and new media book publishing world and will help you brand yourself and your business like you never thought possible before, with better results, and faster than you could possibly imagine.

Direct Mail

Also forgotten by most, but effectively utilized for decades, direct mail comes right into the potential customer’s mailbox. The intimacy, the directness, and the ultimate decision making power afforded to the customer equates to a low cost delivery mechanism with high return potential.

Live Events

Our experts have over six decades of live event organization, promotion, management, and execution. For each and every industry, there are live events going on each and every week. Our staff will help you and your business or both gain added exposure through live events, which will not only help you add more customers, make more sales, and generate excess revenue, but also cement your personal and/or professional brand in the public eye.


Reach us out anytime! We are here to help with all your needs.