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Let’s face it…

There’s a plethora of information on the stock market and the world economy, and many of those sources are at your fingertips. So why Dan, and why his weekly bulletin? The following will explain.

Conventional wisdom says you can’t time the markets.

Yet millions have watched Dan make highly accurate forecasts of market direction and the future growth or lack of growth in the economy on CNBC and FOX for many years. So don’t think “time the markets”. Think more along the lines of “taking well conceived appropriate action in response to a changing world.”

Dan Frishberg is known as one of the most effective and creative strategists on Wall Street, and the members of his stock, bond and options bulletin now benefit directly as Dan shares his best investment ideas and insights, along with the tactics he’s provided to his listeners for the past twenty years. Also benefiting are numerous professional advisors who manage many millions of dollars.

In each new weekly installment, Dan updates his forecast for the economy and explains how that affects investors, especially via current supply and demand for stocks and bonds. While almost everybody on the street is distracted by what they think should be happening, Dan’s analysis is always about identifying what actually is.

As an STOCK, BOND AND OPTIONS BULLETIN subscriber, you get Dan Frishberg’s proprietary insight into the waves of buying and selling momentum. You’re always right there, when he combines that insight with supply and demand on the New York Stock Exchange in order to formulate his strategy for the week, the month and the coming year.

Changes in politics, technology, wars, economics, interest rates and even the weather lead millions to shift their assets to where they believe those assets are going be best treated.

And now, the ‘easy’ way to jump in front of the herd!

Week in and week out, Dan brings you the ideas and specific stock picks of his friends, the people you see on TV, read about in the Wall Street papers, and get to know on THE MONEYMAN REPORT. You get early intelligence on what they’re buying and just as important, how they’re hedging and when they’re taking money off the table.

In this new online format, Dan finally has the time to explain each strategy at a depth that is impossible or impractical to reach on radio and TV. With your feedback and questions, he’ll highlight the pros and cons of each strategy, so you can determine how each idea fits into your life, your plans and your priorities.

Here’s the fool-proof way to know which of the experts is worth paying attention to…

You’ll benefit from Dan’s well-known, multiyear study of which experts have been right most of the time. As an STOCK, BOND AND OPTIONS BULLETIN SUBSCRIBER, you’ll share in Dan’s lifetime of experience as he guides you to the best teachers, the best stock pickers, the best options strategists.

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We thank all our subscribers for their loyalty.

I am especially gratified by the amount of help you have told me you get from my Stock, Bond and Options Bulletin. I know, because of our track record, that it has paid for itself a hundred times over, and I assure you I will continue to “leave everything on the field” when it comes to putting 110% effort into keeping up the quality of my Stock, Bond and Options Bulletin.