About Dan


In his one hour daily MoneyMan Report, Daniel Frishberg has created one of the fastest growing sources of information on investing and trading in the country, now reaching audiences all over the U.S. Dan’s program is regularly picked up on major web portals like Market Wire, Forbes, Dow Jones, and Yahoo Finance. His stock picks and strategies are reported regularly by www.thestockadvisors.com, AOL and MSN.

Daniel Frishberg has become one of the most sought after financial pundits on national TV, appearing several times each week on CNBC, Fox, and the Canadian Business News Network. His commentary is also carried on a rapidly growing number of local TV stations all over the country.

In addition to his media work, Dan’s subscription services and training have been acclaimed by investors all over the U.S. and in many parts of the world. His frequent appearances on CNBC Asia have resulted in a significant following by Americans and foreign nationals in the developing world.

Investors everywhere have tried the simple technicals or fundamentals available in every course, newsletter and TV show, and have come up wanting. Most investors have not seen profits over the past decade, 5 years, 1 year or current year to date. The losses continue to mount, and thousands, who have spent a great deal of money on conventional courses and newsletters, know there must be more. That is why they stick with Radio Wall Street and The MoneyMan Report.

They wish to learn how a very few successful investors can profit consistently in all markets, while almost all others eventually give back their profits and/or take big losses, when the markets turn, as they have this year.Dan’s holistic approach to investing and trading, begins with his patented MARKET XRAY, which accurately analyzes real-time supply and demand, then adds the macroeconomic insights for which he is well known. With these tools, he has helped prepare his subscribers and students around the world for major economic and market turning points for more than twenty years. The professional firms that utilize his research have excelled as have his private students.

As he has done publicly so many times over the years, Dan forecasted and began to prepare his audience for the major stock market disruption that is now costing others billions of dollars. The training Dan provides in stock and option selection, understanding the forces that drive major up and down market moves, investing for safety in a world threatened by both deflation and eventual inflation, have made a real difference in the lives of his audience. Their comments and gratitude are quite public and are available elsewhere on this website.

Dan Frishberg’s first book (Escape From The Herd) accurately forecasted the current international and domestic market situations. His personal success story is all the more intriguing. He grew up in the ‘projects’ on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, served as an enlisted Marine machine gunner from 1962 to 1965, attended NYU by scholarship, supporting himself trading silver contracts on the COMEX. Dan’s reputation has grown around the world, as he has helped earn countless millions – first for his clients, then for his audience and now for his highly sophisticated subscribers. Daniel Frishberg is a trusted adviser to many of the most famous and respected investors of our time, many of whom have publicly credited him with providing indispensable strategic help in managing a very difficult market environment.