About Dan


For 25 years, Dan Frishberg consulted with businesses and investors while hosting the popular MoneyMan Report Radio Program and building one of the premiere financial firms in the U.S.

He was only slightly ahead of his time, since today, financial radio programs imitating Dan’s business format are everywhere, usually not including the kinds of fascinating high-profile contributors and guests who regularly appeared with Dan, including newsmakers Henry Kissinger, Geraldine Ferraro and Dick Morris; entertainers Sean Connery, Harry Connick Jr., Ed McMahon, Sid Caesar and Frankie Avalon; Financial stars including Mary Farrell, Frank Cappiello, John and Pete Najarian, Elliott Gue and too many more to list.

Frishberg is the Author of two highly successful books, “Escape from the Herd,” and “Investing without Borders,” published by John Wiley and Sons.

In 2011 Dan retired to the beach in South Florida and spent exactly 2 days in a chaise lounge reading and sunbathing, before his beautiful wife and best friend came and collected him and put him to work. Fortunately, Elisea Frishberg, a highly successful business woman in her own right, was not willing to allow Dan’s 50 years of business experience to go to waste.

Today, Mr. Frishberg has the opportunity and great honor to give back, serving as Director of Business Development at National Transaction Corporation, one of the most successful business banks in the U.S., where he advises and helps to secure funding for growing entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the U.S.